In the Shadow of the Stars

In the Shadow of the Stars, like A Chorus Line, goes behind the scenes, discovering among the choristers of the San Francisco Opera Company, singers who aspire to be soloists and dream of being stars. Even for non-opera lovers, the film illuminates the tremendous thrill of being on stage, made up to the teeth, dressed in satin's and silks, and singing one's heart out. The film lovingly explores the blurred boundary between private lives and stage spectacles, and creates a rare and privileged look into the grand world of opera. DVD copies of this Oscar winning film, which includes deleted scenes, filmmakers’ statements and many other extras, can be obtained from Amazon. You can also rent or purchase it digitally.

"magical, with enormous wit, intelligence, and compassion...beautifully photographed...the film audience shares the exhilaration experienced by the choristers."

New York Times

"...wonderfully funny yet equally don't have to give a hoot about opera to enjoy it."

San Francisco Chronicle 

"The film is a heady tonic that translates across borders and cultures. 
A continous melody that audiences will wax rhapsodic over."

Screen International, London 

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