An Iraqi Lullaby
An Iraqi Lullaby
For Children Who Are About To Die
TRT - 6 minutes


Writing An Iraqi Lullaby

Was it after the first bombing of Baghdad that I seem to remember reading or hearing that George Bush said he had no trouble sleeping at night?  I was having a lot of trouble.  I was hearing the screams of children.  War is murder and when war kills children, is it the office of the president of the invading country or the president himself who is to be held accountable?  During the nights when George Bush was sleeping and I was not I thought about how an adult protects a child in the face of death.  You tell them that when it comes, “It will be like flying.”

In memory of children killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Palestine, Israel, Russia, Chechnya, Oklahoma City, Rwanda, Bosnia, Somalia, Waco, East Timor, Vietnam, Angola, the Nazi holocaust in Europe and in all wars of hate and destruction.

Lyrics by Allie Light
Music Composed by Larry Seymour

Arranged by  Betty Wong

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