Rachel's Daughters:
Searching for the Causes of Breast Cancer
This fascinating documentary, co-produced by Nancy Evans, follows a group of women -all breast cancer activists who are fighting the disease - on a personal mission to unearth the causes of breast cancer. The result is Rachel's Daughters, an engaging detective story and a detailed analysis of the science and politics of this epidemic.

Seeing themselves as spiritual heirs of author Rachel Carson, whose 1962 book Silent Spring warned of the dangers of DDT exposure, they focus on issues including chemical contamination, radiation, and electromagnetic exposure to find breast cancer's causes. Addressing environmental racism, inequalities in research funding, and disparities in cancer rates for women of color, they track the effects of social biases on cancer incidence and health care delivery.

Incorporating interviews with prominent scientists, documentary footage from high cancer rate areas, and investigating womens' personal battles to stay healthy, Rachel's Daughters offers a scientifically rigorous and intensely affecting view of this growing epidemic. An unprecedented warning of the dangers of industrialization; it is an inspiring rallying cry for those working to change current views about women's health. The film may be purchased through Women Make Movies.
photo by Rosalind Delligatti
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"Perhaps the most thoughtful, accessible and comprehensive documentary ever produced on the subject of breast cancer...at once informative and highly personal."...

The New York Amsterdam News
"Stunning, powerful, and mesmerizing...",

Marilyn Moss, The Hollywood Reporter
Photo by Michelle Vignes
Music by Larry Seymour
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